A New Review!

I’ve been long at work on Sand, Sea and Stone and am eager to get it out into the world. Really, all it is waiting on is for the art to be finalized. I’ve been told I can expect a January print date. Boy do I hope that is true.

Some of my early readers have been kind enough to add some reviews to the Goodreads page. This one comes from Shannon, and her review is so kind it can this close to bringing a tear to my eye. Here are some excerpts.

Wow! I loved this sequel to Deadly Troubadours! It took the unique world and characters introduced in the first novel and showed a progression not only of their story, but of their development as people. I really enjoyed how the lightheartedness of the story gained some deeper and darker undertones that paralleled the detailing of the characters’ pasts as they matured and faced emotional challenges and growth.

There is more to the review and it is totally worth reading the whole thing. Especially if you are me.

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