Fatherhood (1)

I am exhausted. This week began with my camp work ending and my school work beginning. In addition, I needed to step up my share of picking up the our three year old from daycare. Generally speaking, my wife and I try and balance that out, but seeing as how she had to cover for me during camp, I’m trying to extend the same curtesy to her so she can get ahead in her own work.

Our son is an adorable, constantly energetic amazing child. He can also be exhausting in many of the ways you can imagine. But he also says the most amazing things that almost drives me to tears.

For example, the other day we are walking home from daycare and he wants to know when his mom will get home.

“Do you like it when mommy and daddy are both home?”


“Why’s that? So we mommy and daddy can tickle you?”

“No. So mommy and daddy can both hug me.”

Little exchanges like that get me every time.

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