Are You Writing?

People don’t really ask me that question, but it is one I often ask myself. Of course I don’t mean it in a literal way. I am together enough to know if I am taking part in the actual act. Like right now: I am. When you are reading this: maybe.

But the question stands in for am I making progress in some way. That one is harder to answer. There are aspects of writing that go on outside of writing. Sometimes the most important part of my writing process is simply taking a shower and letting the thoughts organize themselves or let an idea percolate. Taking a walk is good for that as well.

I’ll make notes in a notebook. Hitting don’t plot points or possible hooks for the story to take. Enough hooks and a plot is born. Hopefully. That certainly counts as writing.

But there are also times like this. Here I am plugging away at the keyboard letting the words flow. Now, it is true that I like to view this form of blogging as a training exercise that forces me to force the words at. A way to remind myself that I am in control and I do t have to wait around for the devil that is “inspiration”.

However, I also wonder if it would be time better spent if I worked on a work-in-progress rather than a blog.

The best answer I can come up with is a shrug of the shoulders. After all, once this is over I can always continue with something else. And the then there is the hope.

The hope that as I continue down the path and get a few more books under my name, that as more people visit this site it might translate into a few more people supporting me through book sales or Patreon.

Yup. The hope is that as I reveal more about myself through words that you’ll like it enough to help me out financial. Diabolical.

Except I think I’m supposed to keep that part quiet. Nerts.

So, yeah, maybe this counts as writing. But it also is just away for me to get out some thoughts so they don’t keep me up at night.

And if you are reading this, thanks. That helps.

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