With a Little Help from Mom

Family effects every moment of our lives. This is true whether we like it or not. I am certainly who I am today because of family and how I was raised.

And there is no reason to make this a past tense discussion. As I go along the day I am thinking of my family, be they the people I live with or the family that I have over the seas. And by all means there is value in making a family out of your friends and community. Family can extend beyond bonds of blood.

But those blood bonds can run rather strong. Which is another area I am fortunate in. I could go on and on about the good things that my family who done for e and provided for me. I am extremely fortunate in that regard. But since this is a writing driven website, I’ll stick to that for today.

My Mom is one of my biggest supporters in my writer’s journey. She’s read and proofread all my longer pieces. This goes for novels and thesis alike. She approaches with a critical eye and doesn’t hold back her opinions, even if she does manage to find a way to keep the critiques from stinging.

And of course there is purchasing copies not only for her own library but to give away to friends and co-workers who she thinks would be receptive to my works. I even have a review that claimed they found out about the book during a flight when he and the woman next to him were talking about books and she happened to mention her son has a novel out. She made that happen. That takes skills.

But she isn’t finished. This past weekend I got the following pictures through messenger.

This is a library box in Tallahassee, FL near where I grew up and where my many of my extended family live. It is near some hiking trails that my Mom often sues when she visits them. And she realized leaving a book here would be a way to find some new readers for me.

But that’s not all. She wanted to pull at the neighbors just a little.


These are just one example of how she continues to look after me. Thank you. Mom.

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