Coming Home with Airi

Our little girl is five days old, and for her first five days she stayed with her mom at the midwifery. But today was the day we got to take her home.

That in itself was a small adventure. We don’t have a car, nor do we have a car seat for such a small infant. There are taxi services that cater to infants, and cone with car seats, but those need longer contact notice than we realized. So we ended up putting Mama in a taxi, and daddy carried Airi home in a baby sling.

About to take her home.

It was easier than I might be making it sound. It was a beautiful day, and only a 20 minute walk. And shortly after that, her crib arrived. Soon, Airi was all set to relax.

A little stretch before sleeping!

But there was something missing. Later in the day, when Mima, my Mom and Airi’s grandmother, came over she brought with her the missing piece.

Thank you, Aunt Cindy!

My Aunt Cindy is an artist with the crocheting needle. Later, we will definitely need to take a better picture of the blanket she made for Airi, but it is gorgeous!

I am so lucky to have my wife and daughter back home, to have my mother here to help, and to have a son that is doing his best to adjust and help us through these changes.

I am very fortunate and very happy.

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