Doing our Best!

Our brand new baby girl has been here about 24 hours. I already love her so much, but that has been true since even before she was born.

But, she is a lot of work. Every two hours she needs feeding. And changing. I would add holding to that list as well, but that hardly feels like work.

And of course, we also need to make sure we are giving our older boy, who is 3, plenty of attention as well. Today we had help from his daycare and his grandmother, Mima.

Mima is a rockstar. She is offering to help wherever she can. No job too big or too small. And she still manages to set her boundaries. She took our son to and from daycare today and played with him afterwards. And gave him a bubble bath, so he is thrilled.

But the two main superheroes are my wife and the new baby girl. Airi, my daughter, was just born. That’s huge. She is alert and active and doing all the things a baby is supposed to.

And my wife, Rika, is being cheerful and smiling whenever she is around our son, so he won’t worry. The truth is she is in a lot of pain and is still exhausted. Obviously. That she is being as active as she is proves that she is definitely made of sterner stuff than I.

As for me, I’m just trying to keep up and be useful. Cooking, cleaning, rocking, changing. There is a lot that needs to be done, and we are all doing our best.

I’m also trying to take some time when I can to just rest and recharge as well. Like writing these daily posts.

And posting pictures of my darling girl.

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