Hanami and Tailgating

Quick, out of Hanami (cherry blossom viewing) and tailgating, tell me which one I am describing: at the same time several groups of people get together for outdoor food and drinks. The stated reason for the gathering is to watch an event that only happens during a certain season of the year, but many of the people who are more interested in the festival of it.

It took me years to make the connection that tailgating and hanami are practically the same spirit. But there you go.

Sure, there are differences. One involves flowers, the other football, but the spirit of it really doesn’t change that much.

Even the differences overlap. I’ve been to tailgate parties that take place in parks and hanami parties that take place in parking lots.

I’ve always found it amazing how, for two cultures that are so different in the surface, Japan and the Southern stages of America have a lot of similarities.

And, as much as I enjoy cherry blossoms and hanami, living next to a destination for revelry does make me ready for the season to end so that these partiers will take their trash and go home.

Just like when I lived close to the stadium in a big football town.


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