2 Days Left

For the last half of March I’ve been running a special offer over on my Patreon page. For any supporter that signs up before March ends, they will be able to download a free copy of my latest short novel, Tokyo Damned. Currently this is a Patreon exclusive. However, it will be released later in April to most ebook retailers, albeit at a higher price.

Of course, there are other perks and other reasons to support me one on Patreon, including exclusive wristbands, podcast transcripts, ebooks and even paperbacks. As goals are unlocked, there will be more early access content. But I do need supporters to help me justify the time that goes into creating content.

Basically, if you are a regular reader of this site, or an enjoyer of my other works, I’d like you to ask yourself if the entertainment I give you would be worth giving me the equivalent of a cup of coffee a month. And I promise that I will deliver enough content to make it worthwhile.


If you enjoyed this post, please like my Facebook author page and become a patron through Patreon. Or if you like podcasts and want to hear more of my thoughts on Japan, check out Living Japan. If you want to hear me talk superhero comics, listen to Brent & Lydia Talk Starman. And of course, follow me on Instagram and Twitter. Thanks!

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