My Son’s Drawing

It has been a long day. Not bad, mind you. It’s actually been pretty good. But it has been long. I feel like I have been constantly caring and providing. That is what a parent is there for, but there are times when I need a bit of a refresher.

Today it came int he form of a picture. When I went to daycare to pick up my son, he showed me something he drew today. He is still only three, so the work is still more an idea than an actual representation. And, come on, do we really want to seriously critique the craftsmanship of a toddler’s crayon art? I’ve been called a grumpy reviewer, but even I have my limits.

Besides, sometimes it isn’t the technique that makes art so special, but the feeling behind it. And this drawing almost made me cry.

It’s a little family portrait. He likes doing these. But normally the family portrait is basically him and his mom. Sometimes I make a guest appearance on the back of the paper. Today, here I am, front and center. Largest thing on the paper. (I’m the pink circle.) That felt good. But what really made it special is that he also drew his baby sister as well. (She’s the green.) He and Mommy are also there, drawn in brown and yellow respectively.

And for good measure, the whole family is surrounded by hearts.

This boy. I love him.


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