This Guy

I’m sitting in my rocking chair trying to coax the 1/month old girl in my arms to sleep. I think it finally worked. All I hear is the gentle breaths. Another ten minutes and maybe it will be safe to move.

In the next room my 3yo is eating dinner. I had to give him a gently scolding earlier about not listening, but in the end he seemed to understand and we were able to end it with a high five and some giggles. I think we are okay.

I don’t want to be too harsh with him. Not ever really, but especially now. This has been over a month of upheavals for him. A new sister, less time with Mommy and Daddy, his daycare class changed, a friend moved away. A lot of things are happening, and it must be really hard for him. I’m 37 and am not a big fan of change. He’s 3.

But he has really done his best to try and keep up and stay positive. Other than needing a few extra reminders to listen, he hasn’t really acted out. He is still the bright, funny, sweet boy that he has always been. And the more he gets used to his sister, the more he wants to show affection and look out for her.

I think he will make a great big brother and remain such a positive influence for all of us really.

To put a cap on it, on the walk home today we went to a local park. This one has a wider slide than most, which meant that I could ride it as well. While we did play firemen and run around, what he wanted to do most was just ride the slide together. Sharing these moments with him and seeing his joy really make the struggle worth while.

What a good guy he is.

A surprise rain caught is the other day. Here he is with my jacket covering him and his backpack.

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