Editing Paranoia

After a few false starts, today was a fairly successful day of editing. Or at least as successful as you can get while caring for a newborn. Still, a day that comes with an abundance of baby snuggles is a good day.

But, at last, I was able to edit. And it felt quite productive tightened up the story a bit. Added some world-building details. Planted seeds. I should be happy. And I am.

But I’m also apprehensive.

It’s one of those editing moods where you know your mistakes, and aren’t sure if you ever quite fix them.

For me, I know I get overly explanatory. I do this in real life as well. In writing it can greatly slow down action and pull the reader out a scene.

Sometimes I can catch it. Sometimes I’m clueless. And sometimes I just get paranoid that every sentence is too much.

That’s usually a sign that it is time to take a break, because once I start questioning every word, the doubt comes in.

Maybe I’m not good enough. Maybe I’m out of good words. After all, if I were a better writer, wouldn’t more problem be reading my work? Wouldn’t I have more reviews? If I were a good writer, would it be this hard?

Let’s face it, there are way more reasons to doubt talent than to believe in it. And that self doubt voice is so convincing.

But we need to keep pushing. Keep writing.

Don’t give in to the paranoia.

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