Happy Birthday Little Dude

Today our son turned four. Hard to believe that he is both so big and so little at the same time.

Before picking him up from daycare we tried to spruce the apartment up a little bit with some decorations he’d like. The Mrs picked out all the supplies, but setting them up was a team effort.

His reaction was to declare it “The beautifulest room ever!” Things like that melt my heart.

Dinner was entirely prepared by Mommy, while Daddy (me) kept the birthday entertained with some high energy balloon games.

And dinner was amazing. The three of us did our best, but there is a bit left for tomorrow. It was quite a feast, and all requests from the birthday boy.

After dinner came present time, some cute little toys that he wanted. Watching his little face light up as he opens the presents is so much fun. And he kept showing his sweet side by telling us he wants to show his baby sister, who was asleep at the time, all the toys in the morning. Because that is how they play. He shows her toys and tells her about them, and she (through Mom and Dad) asks questions.

I am such a softy. Here is an writing about how one of his first reactions to getting birthday presents is wanting to play with his sister, and I can feel my eyes getting watery.

But, it was getting near bedtime, so we tell him he can play for the next ten minutes, then it will be time to get ready for bed. We start to clean up the wrapping paper and empty boxes, and tell him he can play and we’ll join him soon. He says no, and starts to help clean up as well.

Don’t get me wrong. This little guy is not perfect. He can be frustrating and exhausting at times. But he has such a good heart.

Happy birthday, Leo.

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