Positive or Honest

I’m trying to read more this year. It’s been working out pretty well, especially for a guy that feels busy all the time and has a new baby.

But, the thing is, the current book I’m reading has finally made it very clear that it will not fully win me over. It has been straddling that line almost since the beginning, and with less than 60 pages left, I think it finally tipped firmly into bad. But, this close to the end, I will definitely finish.

But what then?

I’ll admit, it has a lot of acclaim, and since I have not been such a fan, that makes me want to write a negative review. A fair one, mind you, but still a negative one.

But why do I feel the need to write a review here, but not for the other, better, books I’ve read recently? Then again, I still rated those and that is what changes the score, so isn’t it more fair to add a review for a negative to offer an explanation?

And why do I care? If this book had a handful of review and each one swayed the score, maybe I would be more cautious. But this book has thousands of reviews, most of them five star. My rating will barely even scratch that average.

I guess as an author who has had the occasional savage review, this is what will run through my head whenever I don’t enjoy a thing.

If only the book in question were better.

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