Tarot Tuesday: 2 of Cups

This might have been more appropriate just before Valentine’s Day. Oh, well.

2 of Cups

Yes, this card falls on the side of love. But that doesn’t necessarily mean new love. It can also signifier of being in a good relationship.

Which begs the question, are we really speaking in terms of romance? How many forms of love and relationships do we have? This card shouldn’t be interpreted strictly in terms of romance, but of relationships. And, for those relationships to work there needs also be a sense of balance.

Which brings us to the other important feature: balance. Balance with a partner is important. But so is balance of the self. In particular, this card calls for a harmony between the masculine and feminine energies, not only in partnerships, but also of the self.

Then comes the warning. Balance and harmony are precious. It is a merging of minds. You can’t force a person into balance. Using power over them is a way to fracture the bonds of a relationship.

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