Why Read My Book?

I’ve been going all out trying to sell my book recently. It would not surprise me if a few Facebook friends have unfollowed me since I have constantly been talking about it since I started Indiegogo campaign to put out a print version of Deadly Troubadours.

But all that talking has also made me stop and think about what is it about my book that I think people should take note of. Let’s put all the chips on the table. There are more professional books out there available for purchase. The ego inside me stops me short of saying “better writers”. If I didn’t think I had talent I wouldn’t be putting myself out there. For this first novel, it is raw. Not real content editors. Just some beta readers and me putting my ideas out there. Not to bad mouth editors or to celebrate the lack of one. But there is something about an unfiltered release.

Stepping aside from all that, why read my book? Because it is a different kind of fantasy than what is often on the newstand. Now, don’t get me wrong. I really like a lot of the fantasy out there and there seems to be better stuff available all the time. But a lot of it is really heavy. Everything is about the end of kingdoms or worlds. I’m talking epic, grandscale stuff that can barely be contained in one book. And that includes books that are 700-1000 pages. For book 1. Of a ten-volume story.

And there is a place for that. I love a meaty series. Diving into a tome can be awesome. But at times it is also daunting. Or just time consuming. I think about my life. I have a wife, a baby, pets, a full time job, a part time job, and I am trying to write and maintain this site. Even though I love reading and try to read daily, anything over 500 pages feels like I won’t be able to finish for months. 

So, what do I want? Something between 300-500 pages with likeable characters and adventure. I want a book that even if it is part of a series feels like I have reached a conclusion at the end. But I don’t know where to find that. So, I’m creating it. 

And I adding a few things as well. Fun. My characters aer people that Iwould want to spend time with. They bicker and talk. They joke and swear. They get into situations that is over their heads but they work together. But it isn’t just fun. Drama as well. There are some incredibly intense scenes in here. No lies, there were a few places that almost brought out tears during my read throughs. Each and every time. And not for nothing, but my characters are a diverse cast. And I don’t mean elves, dwarves and the like. Right now they are all humans. But they are humans who don’t look the same. Oh, and you know the Bechdel test? I pass it.

So, there you go. This is indepent art. It’ll make you smile. It’ll make you cry. Diverse cast. Hijinks. A big dragon.

Why don’t you give it a try?

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