Preview of a Goodreads Giveaway

With getting 300 copies of a book with cover misprints, I do feel a little like I got a dealt a bit of lemons. So, just like the cliche commands, I am going about making some lemonade. Since I have an abundance of books and March is Deadly Troubadours birthday, the entire month of March will be a chance to win a free copy of one of the Lemon copies.

Here is the description I offered Goodreads:

Hey there. I’m Brent Thomas, author of Deadly Troubadours a fantasy adventure novel that it is a fun read with its share of dark situations and imagery. It was released as an ebook in March of 2015, but recently a successful Indiegogo campaign funded a print run. Awesome!

Except, when the books were printed, there were sone printing errors! Fortunately the printing company took responsibility and printed a new run.

The good news: that doubled the amount of books. The bad news: half of them have a printing errors. More good news: I am using this as an opportunity to make books available as a Giveaway.

Let me be 100% clear about the errors: 1) The spine of the book was printed the wrong size eliminating a small icon. The book title and author’s name is fully legible. 2) On the copyright page, the printing company name is misspelled. 3) Between the print runs the cover artist changed pen names. This version features the older pen name. 4) The chapter header art came out low resolution and slightly blurry. 5) While not an error, the cover artists web page address was added to the Afterword. That is all. There are no printing errors in the actual text of the book. The book itself is also sturdy and well made. I’d even call it pretty.

Please have a look at my official website,, to learn more about the plot and read sample chapters and search for my Facebook page with the keywords Deadly Troubadours.

Here’s hoping this helps me find a few new readers and earns a few more reviews on iTunes. They say generally 6 out of 10 giveaway winner write a review. I’m hoping that means 15 new reviews. Guess I have to wait and see.

For now, take a look at this page and get ready to enter. If you already have a copy, please share with your friends. The contest begins on March 1st.

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