Grumpy Bird Reviews: Daredevil s02e04: Penny and Dime

Wow. This was not how I expected the story to be told. Wow.

12778897_1716548215248081_7455076192089766002_oDaredevil s02e04: Penny and Dime

director: Peter Hoar

writer: John C. Kelley


Quick Review:

Every episode I keep bringing up how well balanced they are. I should just stop at this point and let it be a given until there is a poorly balanced one. Again we are given great action, great character moments, building of the world. And that speech. Damn. Only thing I wasn’t crazy about was the final cliffhanger. But you’ll need to read on for that kind of talk.

Spoilers lurk below.


I’ll be honest that I am having a difficult time remembering what all happened in this particular episode. I’m pretty sure I have everything. there were gangsters and a hunt for punisher, and we finally get what could be considered a face villain (even if it is only for this episode). This has been a great build one the previous three. It seems to serve as the end of one arc and the prologue to another.

The reason I am having a difficult time recalling the first half of the episode is Jon Bernthal’s monologue. We’ve got a high action crime drama and a guy dressed in a devil costume and for at least five minutes everything stops so that Frank can tell his story. I could blame my tears on being a new father, but the man made me cry. It’s amazing.

With Frank now in custody I don’t know if there will be any more Punisher this season. (I’m being careful about looking at because I don’t want to know how many episode Bernthal will be appearing.)  I hope so he’ll return. I wouldn’t mind a few of the classic Punisher in jail routines.

The post-Punisher scenes give us some new Karen and Matt. It also gave us Foggy encouraging Matt. I remember season one shaping up for a love triangle. I wonder when that plot was scrapped. Still, I liked how the Matt Karen kiss was handled. It took me back to my youth when nothing felt as romantic as kissing in the rain. I’ll admit I also appreciated that the kiss did not culminate in them  hoping between the sheets. I also liked Matt waiting until Karen was safely in a taxi before going.

Now, the problem with being aware of certain aspects of drama and narrative fiction is that certain choices come off as obvious. Now, a the end of this episode, but before the kiss we have Foggy telling Matt he should be happy. And Matt seems to be game. That set off some warning signals. The kiss pretty much convinced me. The question was whether Karen would be there for the reveal or not. And she wasn’t.

So, now we have Elektra. I am not going to make any comment on her. It was just too quick. But, I can say that this introduction felt a little too obvious for the good things this show has delivered so far. It was well performed. Nothing against the actors. But it felt like the surprise that everyone new was coming.

Wrap Up:

I am still a great fan of what I have seen so far this season. This show had great achievement with its first arc even if to my eyes there was a little stumble on the dismount. Still, I am sure it will get back up and continue to dazzle.

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