Grumpy Bird Reviews: Daredevil s02e10 The Man in the Box

Whenever I hear the phrase “Man in the Box” I always think of Alice in Chains. That doesn’t have anything to do with this review, but I’m going to be humming that song to myself for the rest of the night. The things I do for my art. If you can call this ridiculousness art.

daredevilartDaredevil s02e10 The Man in the Box

director: Peter Hoar

writer: John C. Kelley, Whit Anderson, Sneha Koorse

Quick Review:

The quickest review I can think of for this episode is that it had my full attention during the first five minutes and the last five minutes. Outside of that, it felt like there was a lot of treading water as the show presents two mysteries that are lacking in mystery. And there is a lot of treading water. What little progression there is doesn’t feel it deserves the whole 50 minutes, especially considering the crawl of the last few episodes.

Spoilers Lurk Below.


I’m beginning to question whether writing a review of every episode was worth it. Sure, the first four were great and a lot of fun to write about. But these most recent ones… Let’s just say I’m starting to wonder if maybe actively watching them for a review is actually hurting the entertainment value. Also, because life is a little busy right now, I’m not able to just binge watch them. Maybe having a week between shows and watching it like normal TV is making me miss some of the plot elements. It’s possible.

But two storylines I didn’t miss was the Reyes was involved with the conspiracy and cover up and that Frank didn’t shoot her. So, in the beginning of this episode when she is confessing it was just a long slog. Credit where credit is due Michelle Hurd, who plays Reyes, did a great job in the scene. But most of it was rehashing  what has been taking up space for several episodes. Still, I thought she was milking the emotionality of the scene. Then she got shot. And all I can figure is that since she has been the opposition this season this was a last ditch attempt to make us like her. Nothing pulls me out of a scene faster than obvious attempts at emotions manipulation. Sure, emotional manipulation is a part of creating fiction, but you need to hide the hand of the author.

And then there is the Punisher not being the shooter. Wouldn’t this be a better scene if we were shown that Karen is smart? Instead we get her being told to doubt herself, essentially for being too emotionally connected to Frank. I mean, the show doesn’t say “’cause you’re a chick” and it has the editor say he has been guilty of the same thing, but it still feels like exporting a “girl” trope. So, rather than going down that road, why not just have her point out that he has performed several sniper shots with no bystander injuries. That such sprays of of bullets doesn’t fit his pattern. But, hey, maybe they don’t want her to be seen as smart.

As for the Kingpin, that was a lot of yelling. Can’t we sometimes just get some cold menace from him? It feels like all he really does is gets made and yells. Where can he build to? Is there any place left for them to take him? Of course there is, but sometimes I doubt they will try something new.

And Elektra. Oh, Elektra. I’m still not very attached to the character. It would have been nice if they were speaking Greek. Also, is this how she gets her signature weapon? I think I’m ready to give up on liking this version of the character. She just hasn’t been compelling. But there is still three episodes to go.

Wrap Up:

The end of the episode was tense and filled with horror film mystique. It is just a shame that we had to shuffle through the preceding 30 minutes to get there. I’m really hoping the final episodes are as tightly written as the first four.

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