Grumpy Bird Reviews: Daredevil s02e12 The Dark at the End of the Tunnel

Oh my goodness. I just realized that the title of the episode kind of sums up my feelings about this episode. That’s kind of sad.

12525571_1720957711473798_4489177249886597130_oDaredevil s02e12: The Dark at the End of the Tunnel

director: Euros Lyn

writer: Lauren Schmidt Hissrich and Douglas Petrie


Quick Review:

I suppose that much of what you think about this episode will likely hinge on your thoughts about the Punisher conspiracy and the truth behind Elektra. Sadly, these are the two elements that have interested me the least about this season and so we end up with a few decent scenes and action sequences propping up some rather dull and disappointing bits of plot. One of the reveals almost had me going blind from rolling my eyes.

Spoilers Lurk Below.


I’ve made no secret about my lack of interest for this version of Elektra. The scenes of her youth really did nothing for me here. Maybe if it had been earlier in the season I might be more patient but as it is I just feel it is too little, too late, and too tacked on. Or maybe I’m just tired of children on legend, even if it is an evil legend. In this episode Elektra is referred to as an “it”. I think there might be some truth to that. Rather than going with making her a complex character she has felt like some living, stabbing MacGuffin this whole season.

And yet, that was still better than the Punisher reveal. I’m a fan of Clancy Brown. His voice always makes me think of Lex Luthor. I was happy to see him earlier in the season and happier to see him return. And then a stray thought entered my head. “How lame would it be if he was the guy behind the attack.” That Daredevil seemed to go out of their way for the lamest possible solution just makes me sad. Really having it be the one person from Frank’s past who said good things about him felt like the bad ending to a soap opera. If they are going that track just make it his long lost twin brother. Who is evil. Mwahahahaa!

Also, I think I would be more into Karen’s place in this if she were intent on searching for the truth instead of wanting to make Frank a better man. One way makes her a character with her own desires. The other way serves to make her a subordinate character.

Wrap Up:

Is it me? Am I just bitter for some reason? I really did think the first four episodes were great. How can this be the same show? Is it because I’m not mainlining these things?We have Daredebil fighting ninjas and instead of doing the dance of joy I’m fighting off yawns because of the lack of an emotional center.

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