Experiments in Patreon

I’ve started something new. As of today I have a Patreon account. This is somewhat of a big step for me. Until now I’ve only asked for people to purchase my book, a finished product. Now I am asking for those who enjoy coming to this site to fund the act of creation itself.

That feels like a big step to me. After all, why would you want to fund me?

One of the reasons is that I provide entertainment. I’ve been maintaining this site for over three years now. In the last year and a half I have greatly increased content. I’ve included two podcasts as well as posting daily since January of this year. More content takes up more space and eventually I will need to expand the site. Although I am not there yet, it would be nice to be able to do so easily when it comes to that. Through Patreon you will be able to help me fund any site expansions, equipment upgrades, as well as easing the cost of self publishing and editing.

Right now the Patreon account is quite new. I currently have only one goal: $25. This is a starting point. To me this goal is the “I am not deluding myself” Goal. If I hit $25 a month I will know that I can start thinking more longterm and that such thoughts are not just taking time away from working on the Sequel.

And there is one reward. If you pledge $3 a month I will provide you with a download link to the ebook of Deadly Troubadours. Sure, if you have been supporting me for a while now this isn’t the most exciting perk, but it is a starting point.

If readers of this site have ideas for goals or rewards, then please let me know either in the comments of this post or through my Facebook page.

I want to continue to grow this site as well as grow my base so that my writing can reach more people. Supporting me financially is a way to allow me to do this. Every dollar is greatly appreciated.


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