Book Sightings in the Wild!

Throughout March I held a Goodreads Giveaway and was pretty stunned at the amount who entered. Still, there were only 25 copies to give away and last week I strolled into the local post office with an armful of packages. This isn’t the first time I’ve made that walk and each time I enter the post office with an armload of books the staff ask less and less questions. Now they just wait for me to start sorting them into countries.

This time there was something a little different, even though the process was the same. See, until now all my shipments have gone to either family or friends. Every person who has purchased a copy of this book has had some sort of personal connection to me. This time, the only connection was that me and the new readers all use Goodreads.

Now, some of the thoughts running through my head are the same. I have worries about whether or not the books will actually get read. If they are read, will they be enjoyed and whether or not they will be reviewed. So far the few reviews I’ve received have been pretty nice. Will that change?

But a new worry is also there. Until now if a book didn’t arrive, or if I am running late people know how to reach me and say “jerk, send me my book.” But these most recent books went to new people. People who might not send a message. People who might just say “That Brent Thomas guy never sent me a book.”

Which is why I was pretty thrilled today to see the following in my twitter (@deadtroubadour) feed:

Photo by Gavin Chua

Seeing my book had arrived safely… I feel like saying it was strangely emotional is overstating it. But I can say it made me quite happy. I know I shouldn’t expect it, but it would indeed be rad if a few more pics like this showed up in my twitter feed. Or maybe on my Facebook page.

I’m being needy again. Drat.

Anyway, thanks again for the pic and to everyone who has added the book on Goodreads. And to everyone who has reviewed it.

Now I’ve got to work on tonight’s quota of words. 1000 to go.

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