Chapter by chapter

I have 1.5 chapters of a protagonist to write and I will be finished with his storyline.

The sequel will stylistically resemble Deadly Troubadours, so many point-of-view cheaters from the main characters’ past plus the current timeline plot. But I’m trying something new.

Last time I wrote everything almost at an even pace. I didn’t want one story to get too far ahead. This time I am doing almost the exact opposite. While I am doing more notes and outlines, most of the actually writing has focused around a certain character. Then I’ll move to the next characters.

I don’t know if this is a better system. But it does have the advantage of obvious many goals. In just 1.5 chapters I can say, well, I’ve accomplished something and not have to wait until the very end.


Now, if you’ll excuse me I need to try and sleep. Morning comes early and my beautiful little son makes sure morning is earlier than I want it to be.

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