Nothing to See Here

Some days I plan out what I’m going to write here. I’m still in my ‘blog everyday experiment”. It seems to be helping, especially when I have interesting things to say. Of course, my thoughts on interesting don’t always pan out number wise. But I still try and think about what I will right about.

Today was supposed to be a thoughtful piece about blogging and perhaps Facebook adds. But after work and some exercise I needed to do the dad thing and take my little guy for a stroll. We ended up at a little reception at my former grad school. I visit ever now and then and irs nice to catch up. Plus, there is wine.

Having a baby with me means I only have two glasses over the two hours. And Leo falls asleep half way through. So, the evening is mostly about not trying to bore people with tales of the Little guy. And Sr. The end in giving something to take home.

I got some strange looks walking back carrying a baby and a box of wine.

So, I had some thoughtful plans for writing, but sometimes life happens. And a lack of sleep combined with two glasses of wine means I’m not going to be too thoughtful right now. Maybe next time.

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