Cost/Benefit Analysis (part 2)

A little over a month ago, I wrote about my experiences using Facebook ads both to gain potential buyers and to gain likes on my Facebook page. Writing that made me curious about the possibility of sending people from Facebook directly to this website. That is what today’s post will deal with. Tomorrow I’ll continue this analysis with the current status of the results of my Goodreads campaign.

What I created for Facebook was a rather simple add. It basically featured a picture of my books and text describing this site. I budgeted low and only spent about $2 a day for a week for  a total of $14 dollars. This is pretty much the same amount I spent to get roughly 150 Facebook  page likes. The results here were much smaller.

19 clicks. Facebook recorded 19 clicks from the add to this site. That measures out to over 70 cents per click. Is that worth it? Jeez, who can say? It feels more than I would like to spend to get someone to take a look at this site. Of course, if that led to even one of those 19 reading this blog on a regular basis or even purchasing, reading and reviewing my book that would be awesome. But it doesn’t seem like the case. If you are curious to get those 19 clicks Facebook showed the ad to over 2000 people.

Would I use Facebook ads again? Not for the near future. Now, if I have something new to sell I might give it a go. Of course, the results from the Indiegogo campaign weren’t that promising. I think if I were to try it again I would need to move away from a static imagine and try and do some kind of video. Maybe that would be better? As it is, I am a nobody writer typing away and it doesn’t seem that my using of Facebook has made a difference.

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