My Camp Session 1: Done

The first of the summer’s camp sessions are behind me. I’m not as exhausted as I expected I would be, but a, still pretty beat. Camp means long days. My shortest workday was 7am to 10:30pm. But work includes things like kayaking, hiking, swimming, and throwing kids into a like. Certainly beats wearing a tie and sitting behind a desk.

It’s another good crew this season, although some of my friends I’ve spent the last two summers with are on the alternate session and that does leave a little mark. Still, we are finding our rhythm and we are only going to get tighter as the weeks go on. We have at least three more sessions coming up and rumor abounds about the chance at a fourth. I’ll have to wait and see about that. I do need to find some time to write before the fall school semester starts.

I wish I had something clever to say. Instead I’m lying in bed thinking about whether I should read a Thor or Spider-Man comic and realizing that I only have two more days of rest before another session begins. Let’s hope it is another super group of kids.

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