Coffee Break before Camp

This is the last of my three days of rest before camp starts again. It started around 6:30am with my son letting me know he was ready to wake up and play. By 7:00am we were singing and clapping in the living room while trying to keep it quiet so the Mrs. could sleep. I guess in that regard it isn’t so different from camp.

Our Adventure Clothes

The Mrs. has been so good to me these few days. After five days of constant people around me one of the things that I need to recharge is just time alone. When we have a one-year old that can be a tall order. But so far everyday she has given me several hours to just chill in our apartment while she and the little guy go out on the town. I return I try and give her the same because she’s been the only parent around and that can be just as exhausting as camp.

But tomorrow is back into the mountains. Into the land of kayaks and frogs, hikes and grasshoppers. It will be a smaller group than last time, which sometimes means easier but we never quite know until we see the kids. But wanting kids that are easy to care for is for a twofold reason. Of course the obvious is the easier the kids are to work with the easier the work actually is. But the other reason is that when the kids are willing to cooperate the easier it is for us to give them an awesome time at camp. And that is what we want.

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