One More Week

This has been my longest absence from this site in some time. At least since December 2015. I feel a little guilty about that. Well, not quite guilty but rather that I am not trying hard enough. Sure I’m spending five out of every eight days in the mountains and those days are spent trying to wrangle children into having an awesome camp experience, but I feel that there should be more of a way for me to provide content for this site. But that hasn’t happened yet.

This past week was a rather neat experience. We had some shooting stars and to take the best advantage of them me, the other staff, and 53 children hiked up to the top of the mountain to see the show. It was totally worth the effort but the moonlight was so bight that it denied us a perfect view of the stars. Still, there were some huge shooting stars that streaked directly overhead. Some even merited applause.


In a way this is why I like doing these camps. It gives me a chance to be out in nature, something I did a lot as a younger kid but that I kind of left behind once I entered junior high school. Also, it gives me a chance to provide city kids, most coming from the greater Tokyo area, with a chance to interact with grass and dirt and bugs.

Still, last week was the three-quarter point and that is the struggle week. Sickness sets in and adds tiredness. Plus, most people know what they are doing and it might be starting to get old. Or perhaps it is that we can see the shortcuts and they are harder to resist. Things go faster but there is a cost in experience. Personally, it was hard for me to get any singing going, which I believe is an incredibly important part of camp, because all week my voice was threatening to play hide and seek. Listen to tomorrow’s podcast and you might be able to detect a different quality of voice.

There are five days of camp left and I want to make it awesome. I want the kids to leave happy and I want the staff to leave feeling the accomplishments they earned. It’s going to be a week where I need to remind myself to constantly double down on everything. Enjoy it to its fullest. Don’t hold back. Put it all out for five days and then rest when I get back home.

Let’s see if I can do it.

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