Feeling Progress

Here is a secret for you. Okay, secret might not be the most accurate term, since you might already know it. But I’m going to call it a secret.

I like progress. I need to feel like I am moving somewhere. That I am getting better. This bleeds into almost every aspect of my life. Is my book moving forward? Am I better at ukulele this week than I was last week? Did I show more patience with things that frustrate me?

The answer to this isn’t always “yes”, which is where that patience with frustrations needs to come in.

Sometimes I feel the most difficult part of writing and creating isn’t in making something come to life, but in getting others to pay attention to it. Which is why I’m surprising pleased with how my latest podcast, Bloody Tokyo, is doing.

Sure, the numbers it is getting is not going to turn the world on its axis, but it is seeing steady growth. Slowly, people are starting to listen to it and coming back for the next episode. This is a pretty good feeling for me because, like I said, I can’t help but judge myself based on that feeling of progress. Seeing numbers rise certain scratches that itch.

So, if you are curious about a story involving vampires in modern day Tokyo, a story of blood and politics and violence and even some sex, then you might want to give Bloody Tokyo a chance.

Plus, if you do, it helps me raise those numbers and get that since of progression and accomplishment.

Now if I can only get some more people to leave some ratings and reviews…

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