Enough Silence!

I’ve fallen off the radar for a while. Blame it all on the busy summer. And the growing bundle of love that is my daughter. And the other love that is my son. Oh, and work. And that other work.

Basically, I have a lot of excuses. Some legit. Some less so.

But I want to rejoin the writing world, and getting this site up and moving again is a part of flexing that muscle. So, here come some posts. Hopefully regularly. And also I want to continue the Bloody Tokyo podcast. (Now would be a great time to start listening and leave a review.)

For now I’m not going to set any other rules on myself for what posts I should make on what topics. The rule will be just to write. That means short stories, pieces on family and living in Japan. The occasional haiku. That kind of stuff.

So, let’s high five and get started.

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