Getting ready to ship…

So much of the past several months have been working on Deadly Troubadours. The first batch of books have been shipped out. Tonight was spent prepping the next batch. The last one was pretty thrilling. This night brought a little sadness with it. 

One of the perks offered through the Indiegogo campaign was original art made for the chapter headings of the book. It was a pretty popular perk and my wife (the artist) and I were thrilled at the support. She drew steadily from December and every piece of art she made looked fantastic. Not only that, but the constant drawing let us watch her grow as an artist. 

These pieces of art are just on regular paper. Rika wanted to make sure that the supporters got something that looked nice, so she took time to make the look nice for shipping. And it makes the art look even sharper. Damn am I proud of her.

But now the art is in envelopes wth books being prepared to be sent out into the world and, as I said, I feel a little sad. A part of me feels that things have a bit of energy to them. Not like soul or anything, but maybe imprint. These bits of art and paper that I would see being turned out motivated me to do my best on the business end of writing. I want people to see her art almost as much as I want people to see my words.

I hope the people who purchased enjoy them. I think Rika’s creations are pretty special. I hope their new owners do to.

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