Another Shipment

My Goodreads giveaway ends in a few days. So far there are over 400 people who have entered to win one of 25 books. I guess that shows the power of free. I really do hope this results in a few more reviews. Right now that is my main goal for this year. Getting that review count as high as possible. The magic number is 100. On goodreads that means 89 more to go. 95 on Amazon.

So, I spent the day prepping envelopes. The glamorous side of self publishing. Cutting out address labels. Packing envelopes. Signing books. A good days work.

It is good to have this out of the way, because the next four days I will be back to the mountains. It is spring break over here in Japan, and for me that means another camp. Camp means working with an excellent staff and having fun in the outdoors with a group of (hopefully) awesome kids. 

But camp also means long days and often very little time to write. That is going to be a bit of a challenge. I have the first days blog post loaded, but will have to work at things to keep up the daily posts. I don’t know if that is a good thing or not. This blog has gone from mostly short stories, to mostly reviews, and now mostly about my life. The stats are slowly going up and I get more likes, but I wonder if people are enjoying this new format. I wonder if other writers feel that same desire for confirmation. Tell me I’m pretty. Of course the reviews kind of fall into that category, but they also serve as a sales point. Goodness, isn’t marketing fun?

Here is to a few more chapters accomplished in the sequel. Getting ever closer. It might actually come out this December.

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