Comprehensive Guide to Supporting Brent Thomas

As an aspiring novelist and podcaster I find myself constantly searching for the best way to get my message out there. That message currently is “Hey! Read my stuff! Listen to my stuff!” A lot of friends have heeded this message, and a few have been kind enough to ask “What else can we do?”

That is awesome. I am just one person and, honestly, I don’t feel that I am the most internet savvy person. More and more I feel that I am just noise getting lost in the signal of folk needing attention.

Well, this is meant to be a handy dandy guide to how you can help me out. Don’t worry, most of these methods will be free and fairly simple.


First off, if you have a wordpress account, please follow this site. It seems the higher the followers, the more likely it will be suggested to other users. Obviously, more followers means greater reach.

That goes doubly with my four podcasts. I have Comics League International, Brent & Lydia Talk Starman, Reading Deadly Troubadours, and Living Japan. All of these shows are free and are available through iTunes. Again, the more subscribers the more likely iTunes will suggest these shows to other listeners. Leaving a rating and review also increases those chances.

Liking me on Facebook is a good step to stay informed. Honestly, I’m not sure what more likes directly results in, but it does help my ego. That’s worth it, right?

Oh, and then there is Twitter. Which has a lot of pics of me picking my son up from daycare. And other Japan scenery.

Books and Reviews

Obviously I have a book and that book is available for purchase in many different locations. Buying the book helps. But just as important, if not more at this stage of my career, is leaving a review. More reviews increases the likelihood of others finding this book and taking a chance on it. The best places to leave reviews are Amazon, Goodreads and iTunes.


Want to help me out on a regular basis? Then go to Patreon. Patreon allows you to make a monthly donation to me. Right now I’m looking for donations between $1 and $5. This helps me cover hosting costs for the different websites and storage for all the podcasts. Plus, it serves as a tip jar for the content I’m creating. Daily posts and weekly podcasts all take time, and having a little bit of coin in the jar really helps justify that time.


The big one. If anything I do, writing, podcasting, blogging, is something you enjoy then please share it. It’s almost embarrassing to admit that after two years of pushing my books, that every extra click on my blog feels like an achievement. Every bit of help expanding my audience means a great deal.

Thank you for reading this and thank you for your support.


If you enjoyed this post, please like my Facebook author page and become a patron through Patreon. Thanks!

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