Bloody Tokyo, Ch. 10

The tenth chapter of “Bloody Tokyo” by indie author Brent Thomas. A modern horror story containing vampires, werewolves, magic, oni, ninjas, samurai, yakuza, and more all set against the backdrop of modern Tokyo. Bloody Tokyo features original music composed by Manny Marx. If you enjoyed this post, please like my Facebook author page and become a patron through Patreon. Or … More Bloody Tokyo, Ch. 10

New Works Begin!

I suppose it is only fitting, this still being the period of the new year, that I am starting several projects. One of which is the vampire podcast, Bloody Tokyo, that I can’t seem to stop talking about. However, the most recent addition to the never-ending list of thing is want to do, is a … More New Works Begin!

King and Bard (3)

The following continues directly from Part 2. The Bard’s forehead itched. Again he reached up to satisfy the itch and again his finger met the ground up bark that the King had applied to the wound. This time it was cool to the touch. A change, but it was something the bard could classify as either … More King and Bard (3)

King and Bard (1)

“Wake up.” The bard’s eyes fluttered open. It was still dark with just a hint of light around the edges. The forrest was quiet and the pre-dawn air still held on to its evening chill. Already the bard wanted to close his eyes once again and drift back to sleep. A hangover cause such a … More King and Bard (1)

Writing is Lonely

I’m at the stage of writing that I’m discovering is the hardest for me. The story is done. There are few, if any, surprises left to discover. But, there are errors. Many, many errors. I’ve used a few beta-readers. I have their notes. I have a few notes of my own. I know to make … More Writing is Lonely

Field of Leaves

Every now and then I like to use a picture I took or a moment from my life and imagine it as the basis for a fantasy story. This picture is from my neighborhood in Savannah, GA. It was the most nature my son, from Tokyo, has ever seen. And, yes, the little details in … More Field of Leaves