Field of Leaves

Every now and then I like to use a picture I took or a moment from my life and imagine it as the basis for a fantasy story. This picture is from my neighborhood in Savannah, GA. It was the most nature my son, from Tokyo, has ever seen. And, yes, the little details in … More Field of Leaves

Feeling Stagnant

Here we are. It is the beginning of 2017. The morose days of self-reflection that came with the end of the old year are over. Now comes the self-reflection that comes with the new year. The good news is that it is not morose, however it is rather impatient. I know that I am hard … More Feeling Stagnant

Win Some, Lose Some

When I first published Deadly Troubadours I checked for new reviews a couple times a day. Slowly that urge to seek validation lessened to once a day and then, eventually, once a week. Now I check Goodreads maybe once every two weeks and then usually I’m procrastinating. Today I opened up my Goodreads page and, … More Win Some, Lose Some

Deadline Fever

Now I’ve gone and done it! I missed my self-imposed deadline for finishing this first draft by the end of September. I guess there is nothing to do but rend my garments. And it was going all so well. Until my body realized that working, fathering, and writing is fairly exhausting. Not that that makes it … More Deadline Fever